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Which hero to choose

*It is a subjective evaluation to the last.I hope you can see it to the reference level.


GOOD–Thief Monk Musketeer
This game feels critical hit is powerful.So rogue system can contribute to the quest capture stably from the beginning to the end.
In addition, the survival rate is actually high because avoidance is also high.
However, even if you choose it as you like in the early stages, you won’t be stuck in quests.


NOMAL–Ranger Sorcerer
The higher the critical hit rate, as in the beginning, is more stable.
I like rangers.The balance is good.
The Sorcerer is a high-end compatible feeling of Mage.Except for dying soon, it’s destructive.


Samurai, Berserker, Ninja, Dancer, Spell blade, Geomancer
All are strong.Ninja is the best i think.


Class Evaluation Hp Attack Defense Avoid Skills
Soldier D 0
Barbarian D 0
Knight D 0
Ranger B
Samurai S
Berserker S


Class Evaluation Hp Attack Defense Avoid Skills
Thief B
Monk B
Musketeer B
Wanderer A
Ninja Ss
Dancer S

Spell caster

Class Evaluation Hp Attack Defense Avoid Skills
Mage C 0
Cleric D 0
Druid D 0
Sorcerer B 0
Spell Blade A 0
Geomancer S 0

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