Many things you can learn from “Rich Dad Poor Dad”[Reading Impression]

I wonder if the first time I read a book about "Rich Dad Poor Dad" was about 20 years ago.
When I think about it, I feel very old, and I feel nostalgic when I was in my 20s at the time.
There was a "rich dad poor dad" which was different from what I had in the house, so I decided to read it back.

Even if I read the same book, I thought that the way i feel much changes depending on my age and background.
I think that there is a way to feel different even if I read the same book perhaps, and I thought that i might learn that it is not related at all, and thought that I would write the impression sentence etc. from the main contents.

I feel that the most important thing in the first preface is mentioned.

The thoughts make a person's life.

I think that's exactly right.After all, whatever you do, it's only the result of your actions.

The first teaching, the rich, does not work for money.

It starts with a story that works every Saturday for 10 cents an hour, and I thought this story was a very good metaphor.
More or less, I think most people, including myself, are in the same situation as Robert's experience as he did as a boy.
In order to get out of that situation, i changed jobs to a good salary, or i was working while complaining.
However, this book teaches me that this should not be the case.

When I'm haunted by my life

Before we start talking about money, they will tell us how to look at things and how to think.
I interpret "when i'm stuck in my life" when something goes wrong with my life.
It tells us how to act at that time and how it is important to think about it.
Three patterns are cited as an example.

  • a person who does nothing
    A person who will continue to do only what is safe for the rest of his life, or who is afraid to take risks.
  • a person who blames a problem on others
    someone who blames work or boss, or tries to change someone else, not yourself
  • a person who learns a lesson from life and goes on
    A person who wants to change himself, someone who wants to learn something and bewise wiser.

Of course, the important thing is to learn lessons from life and move on.
He says it's easier to change yourself than try to change others.

Cause your fear, and desire

Why do we work for money without learning how to make money work?
The reason is said to be fear.
Specifically, you run out of money, you fail when you start over, you get fired, and so on.
It is written that it is not solved whether the problem of the previous life and money is solved by changing jobs to a good job or a raise for example.Why?
The root reason is my fear.

And desire is also.It says that he will continue to race rat by leaving it to the feeling that "if i have more money."
Rat racing is a series of "morning morning sit-ups," "work," and "pay."
It is said that you do not look at your true feelings and think about them, but only react by fear and desire.

"I'll make money by working in the hope that one day fear will disappear, but i'll still do my job and make money because fear doesn't go away."

I'm also writing my impressions, it's a rat race.I'm a regular office worker.
When I was young, I thought that would not happen, but I'm really addicted to it.

Control your mind and emotions to be good for yourself

It is written to become a person who observes it and thinks not only reacts to feelings such as fear and desire.
It is necessary to understand that emotions are dominating your actions and thoughts, and then think about them.It is quite deep.It is said that it is not possible to change the habit suddenly up to now, and it is not possible to think consciously to think as described above.

Ignorance increases emotions and desires.

"Most people spend their lives looking for high salaries, raises and stable jobs with little idea where fear or desire is going to take them."
It's a summary of emotions.
The illusion that this fear and desire can be solved if there is money, in fact, money is not solved.
It's written as a trap that falls when you're just reacting to emotions without thinking about the root cause.
It is written that "knowledge of money is necessary" to control the fear and desire.
This is my own personal opinion, but I thought that it suddenly became a story of money as a preface to explain the purpose of the book.
However, i am convinced of the contents.I don't think it's a waste to learn about money.
of this first teaching

Rich people don't work for money.

I think the last story of this chapter is that children start their own businesses.
I think it's important to think about how to use your head to make money work, but I felt that this is a chapter that focuses on controlling emotions.
There are a lot of example sentences, so please come and translate the originalPlease read.

Second Teaching: Learn how to read the flow of money

At the beginning of the second lesson, the story of the rich in the 1920s comes out.Looking at their history over time, the end of their life was never bright.I don't know if they really didn't have the knowledge to be told in this book, or if they had an idea like financial literacy, but that resulted.It's a bit of a quaint episode.If I have a chance, let's find out about each individual.
I have a long career as a sole proprietor, so I can book simple.So the story of this chapter came into my head smoothly.Based on the income statement and balance sheet, they explain what assets are and what liabilities are.
The idea of this book is very convincing.The reason why money cannot be afforded at all is explained even though the salary has gone up by the middle class (which receives money from the company).I come to the conclusion that the lack of financial literacy is the cause.

Assets and liabilities are summarized briefly in this book.

My assets put money in my pocket.

Debt takes money out of my pocket

To illustrate the above, buying a home is an example.I would like you to read the book because it is interesting in this chapter, but in conclusion, "buy a house" is roughly "debt".When I read it when I was young, I didn't really get much of meaning, but when I think about it now, it's simple, but it's a very important idea.

There may be a family that can be an asset, but the middle class here are supposed to take out loans and buy.So, if you look at the balance sheet and income statement again, surely the owner is only generating spending.

If you think about what you're going to spend your money on, it's best to use money to build up your assets.

It's my own story, but I don't know if this is good or bad, but I'm doing it like this.
Deposit 10% of my income in monthly.
Investing 10% of my income in monthly.
Do some people need a deposit?It is said that if i can't afford money because of my character, I'll deposit it because I'm no longer restless.Maybe it's because we're driven by the fear of what we're going to say in first teaching.I think it's a plus in my opinion.

The rich buy assets.

What if the income generated by the assets on the balance sheet outweighs the expenses that the debt generates?
For the first time, you have the money to live without a job, right?

Middle-class people buy debt because they think it's an asset.

No, there seem to be a lot of cases which are like this when thinking about the household budget really.But what assets do we, who are not rich now, have?
In the book has gone up as an asset and copyright income, but I feel like it is not something that can be obtained overnight.However, I think that it is important to think and to set up the antenna.
The rest is "stocks", isn't it?The holding becomes an asset, and the dividend becomes the income.It seems to be doing the real estate management recently.There are many people who have succeeded and failed.
Now it seems good to think as an asset or advertising revenue or billing price in the app development or so.
I'm going to do my best to make something.

The Third Teaching: Having Your Own Business

The next third teaching is something that i can't quite overcome.Still, I feel strongly when I read this book that I have to develop it myself.
In the book, various specific examples are mentioned, the anecdote of the mcdonald's manager at the beginning is quite.The founder Ray asked, "What do you think my business is?I'd like to ask you a question.Of course, the answer is not the owner of the food and beverage industry.
This topic begins with the story. Then explain “what is business”.

The modern education system is simply described as "an education for good grades and stable work."Well, I think it's different for each person to think about it, but i get the same impression of the way japanese education should be.
I write that there are people who give me my current job when I think about business, but there are people who take these words.
It is the story of "Bank man" that is going up as an example.I write that the job that someone employs as a profession is not a business.That's right.

a business that generates income even if you are not there

The business you have to have is as the headline.The president at this time I thought by chance.I think there are many presidents, but you can't say that you're hired and you have your own business.The rest is a business that can't be done unless you're in the front.
In the company, it is a place of shareholders.

Real Assets

  • a business that generates income even if you are not there
  • Share
  • Claims
  • Real Estate Generating Income
  • Bills and Bills
  • Copyright and patent rights for music, books, etc.
  • Other items of value, income generated, items with market value, etc.

So is it good to start a company?I don't recommend starting a company in a rich father.
It says that it is not recommended by anyone in the management of the company because of the hardship.I think that there is a spark like the only solution to starting a company by yourself because you can't find a job.However, it is written that it is a fall that it collapses at once at the time of such a case.
It's not about starting a company with your own business.Somehow, when I first read, I might have misunderstood the part here.I read it, but it didn't understand.

So what dose this book mean you have your own business?

is really meant to increase the asset and keep it

I strongly encourage people who work for companies like me to store their assets while working today.I read it about 20 years ago.Now the assets I have are almost zero.From now on, I wanted to build assets firmly.
If you have extra money, don't give it a luxury, but turn it into an asset.

Fourth Teaching: Creating a Company to Save Taxes

This time it's a story about tax savings.It is a brief statement of how the American tax law was enacted.What about Japan?Is it just imitating the United States, or does it have its own history?I'm a little interested. I thought it was a fine amount to calculate the amount that is actually paid.Is income tax and consumption tax the main tax we pay?If you have a home, it might be a property tax.It is not to learn if you read this book, but by learning the tax law, i'll save taxes well.

What I found interesting was the story of the Great Voyage.
The idea is to create a company in order to sail and hedge risk by giving money to the company.
Even if the voyage fails, it is a dimension that only the amount paid to the company is lost.I think this explains briefly how the current corporation works.
The company in the world is going bankrupt repeatedly every year.Considering that there are investors who still invest in the company, I think that corporations are considering the risks of investing.By the way, the number of bankruptcies of the company in 2019 (more than 10 million yen in total liabilities) was 8,383.
→RefereTokyo Shoko Research

Considering the above, people who are investing with money are doing the same thing from the days of the great voyage.It is not possible to have the mechanism which leads to the next generation of the company.I think the details have changed.

Financial Intelligence

It's also called financial IQ.It seems to be based on the following four knowledge.

  • Accounting ability … can be understood by reading financial statements
  • Investment power… strategy, methods and creativity
  • Market Understanding… Basic, Economic and Artificial Aspects of Investment
  • Legal power… helps to significantly increase assets

I've put supplements very mixed up, but the details are mentioned in this book, and these knowledge is important.I have only a little knowledge of accounting, and I thought the rest was refreshing.Even if it is said investment power, i have no idea what to do.Is the understanding of the market like a way to make fresh information and how to use it?
To me, the source of information is about the net.I don't know much about it as you can say that the legal power is also completely.This seems to be a long way ahead.

As a final summary, they raise the benefits of having a company.

Favorable tax measures

Protect yourself from litigation

It is a feeling that it is not in the United States to protect oneself from the lawsuit, but Japan might become like the United States in the near future.

Fifth Teaching: Rich people make money

This is the fifth teaching that begins with the story that courage is important.The story proceeds with various examples.There are many experiences of the author's own in this chapter, too.The 45-year-old factory manager is quite intrigued by the dismissal.It's a news story that complains that it's unfair to the company.
Starting a business is also a risk, and if a company worker, which the majority of people consider safe, eventually fails, it is not a no-risk of safety and stability.It makes me feel that.

When the author teaches a lot of people, he notices some commonalities.

that everyone has a great talent within

Why is it not demonstrated?
It concludes that it is a lack of confidence.I certainly think so too.There is also the "fear" described in the first chapter.In my case, I had been trying new things since i was aware of it.It's not a drama i've ever seen on Amazon Prime, but i've seen only works i've seen in the past.
He writes that most of the cases are more courageous than smart people.

In the text, the author actually talks about how he got the money in real estate buying and selling.It is a story that it was possible to do this even if there is no money in oneself.It is written that the following is important in this book though it might not be impossible even if I am actually told to do the same thing.

More choices

There are a lot of people who are worried about an economic predicament now because it sticks to an old way of thinking.He is a person who cannot forget the memory of the good times of the past.I often hear this kind of talk recently.I'm talking about Japanese companies, but because of past success experiences, so stick to the way that way, new things, can not start the method, it is a topic that has fallen into doubt business performance.
He gave the example of a cash flow game and wrote that it is important to have a lot of options for different situations.
"When you have a problem with money, you come up with a variety of options as a solution."
A person who understands numbers and can think creatively about money.

On the other hand, even if there was a lot of money, the auther wrote that there are many people who cannot come to the idea above and cannot achieve success.
It might actually be so.Looking back at me, I've only had a small money, but spending money doesn't have much choice.I felt that the options here were very limited.

Financial Intelligence, which was mentioned in the previous chapter, is important in expanding the above options.
It is written that the idea of the above choices swells by enhancing financial intelligence.

Money doesn't really exist.

I think the meaning of this is very deep.In the text, it is written that "this is money and everyone decides", but this idea is very important.
An example of this idea is told as an author's experience, but it is indeed impressive.It is an example of how to trade from the place where there is no money.This makes us understand what money means that it doesn't actually exist.
When I read it a long time ago, I couldn't think deeply about it.
Again, financial intelligence is still important.

For more information→Thoughts after reading — Part 4[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

The rich make money.

By enhancing financial intelligence, we have given examples of the various investments that can be made.It says that there are two main types of investors.
The first is those who buy packaged investments.It is people who like to buy the mutual fund or such a thing.
The second is the people who make their own investments.The people who are called professional investors are these second people.
So what kind of investor sI write with the person who has the following abilities.

  • the ability to find opportunities that others overlook
  • the ability to raise funds
  • the ability to gather and organize smart people

Here, the basis is financial intelligence.I felt that most of what was said to be necessary in this chapter was not provided to me.It seems to be a long way to go.

The sixth teachings : Work to learn, not for money

The sixth teaching is the importance of learning.It begins with the story of a female writer who wants to become a best-selling writer.Female writers have a talent for writing, but they have a problem with not selling.On the other hand, the author proceeds to learn sales.It is a development that the female writer does not have the ear to hear.
It is the one that it is common in the drama of Japan.He's a good cook, but the shop doesn't seem to be popular.Female writers show fierce resistance to learning sales.There might actually be a lot of people like this.
In this book, we are working on "learning broadly and shallowly".He talks about the author's work experience and writes about what he was working on for the purpose of learning.It says that it is important not to "how much you can get, but what you can learn".I think that's true.My career experience is a lot of job change, and i have various positions in various industries and occupations.I'm an engineer now, but I've also done sales and marketing that have nothing to do with IT.There is certainly a lot of knowledge to learn through work.
As a result, I would like to look at myself, which has become widely shallow, from the perspective of finding a job.It is true that as written in this book, "working for a company" seems to come in handy experts in certain fields.

"Where do you end up doing what you're doing every day?」

This is the phrase that impressed me the most in this chapter.As advice for people who want to make more money, the author says:
"Money and peace of mind are certainly important.But if you want to make money, you can't just work for money and security.I encourage you to do something else to learn new skills."
As is the case with the writers at the beginning, there may be many people who only want to learn what they are interested in.As I mentioned before, I'm also not able to work on new things.That's something we need to improve.

The basics are communication skills.

It is said that sales and marketing are important in technology.At the heart of this is communication skills.What about yourself?I've done sales, but i didn't get very good at sales talk, but I became good at communication.Looking back now, I think there was a network of people i can't think of now when I was working for free.At the NPO event, there was a network of people who could experience flying hawks from the roof of Dentsu and not being able to do it easily.
After i stopped having my own business, I didn't get along with people at all, and my connections have been lost.From now on, I want to build a network of contacts again.
I have an idea that I can sympathize with the last thing i have said.

"Give first, then get it"

There is no logical explanation here, but from my experience, I felt that the above was a very important way of thinking.Recently, i wonder if it can be used to be expressed in words such as input or output.

Let's get over five obstacles first.

I've written my impressions of the six teachings of a rich father.The main purpose is to write for confirmation of my input.This time it's a book of practice.This is explained with examples of friends, how they actually did it.The most impressive part of the book of practice was the story of putting firewood in the fireplace.The importance of giving, which was introduced at the last minute, is an easy-to-understand example.I'll show you later, but if you haven't read it yet, we recommend that you read this book.

The first obstacle: fear of losing money

This makes it impossible to act out of fear of "losing" or "failing."And I understood.It is also written that the important thing is to learn from failure and to spring failure.Most of my attempts from my youth to my early 30s have failed.But I think I had the opportunity to learn a lot of things.Since then, I'm getting older again, but I feel that the older I get, the greater my fear.
I also make progress in my books to fail when I was young.I do not know what edge, but I will act hard again by calling this revised version that was placed in the house by chance.And we recommend that you focus on one point rather than a balanced safety measure.It is written that it takes time though it is not a reason to deny the safety measure.I think that's actually true.It is also not uncommon to lose heavily in mutual funds that you thought were safe.An acquaintance of mine turned my savings into an investment trust recommended by a banker, but it collapsed and her assets became one-third.I think there is always some risk, just as there are risks in working for a company.Therefore, I feel sympathy for the idea of winning by concentrating on one point of the author.

The second obstacle: to be timid to think only of the bad

This was an example story that i think that the person who had done business might have the experience.After the customer signs up the product, the people around him point out their shortcomings and weaknesses and reconsider them.It is a story of such a case.It is also mentioned that after buying, you can only imagine bad things and increase your anxiety.
After all, there is no reason for people around me to have knowledge, and I feel that fear scares like the above is born because I don't have enough knowledge.What I have never experienced is that even if I travel abroad as a regular country, i.e. the first country is exciting.I like to go to countries and Asia near Japan, but i was often worried about safety.I think the reaction of people around us about investment is the same feeling as that.

"Cowards criticize, and those who win analyze."

It is written as analysis, but I still feel that learning and thinking is very important from what I have said so far.

Third obstacle: lazy for the reason of being busy

This is said to leave it just because you are busy, even though there are problems that you have to face, such as economic problems.Well, i don't know, but it's not solved if you don't face the problem.
It is written that it is necessary to be greedy to deal with the lazy mind.I think it's like you've done what you want to do and what you want to be motivated.There might be a lot of people who do not have a too good image to want.If someone around you, such as family or friends, has a negative feeling about greed, you can feel even more guilty.

Fourth obstacle: bad habit of making payments to yourself behind

This is how to use money.Paying yourself is an investment in your assets and learning.It says that most people don't spend money on this, spend it on other things, and don't pay for themselves after all.
This is true of me, too.It is better to invest in learning, but the asset is 0.I need to change my habits.

Fifth obstacle: become arrogant to hide ignorance

I received that it was important not to know when something I didn't know came out.It is important to find an expert, read a book, and learn about things you don't know.

I've been thinking about five obstacles so far, but I felt that if I actually work normally, I'm stuck with all the obstacles like the one above.I think that I will change it from the action when thinking again.

Ten steps to get you started

The author writes that everyone has a talent for money.So how does money-related talent actually show?Ninety percent of people work hard to make money, borrow if they don't have enough money.It seems to have such an idea.
Here are ten steps for the author to show talent.

1, With a strong sense of purpose: the power of the spirit

Clarify what you don't want to do and what you want to do.It is written that that it becomes a reason to want to become rich.
If this "reason" is not clear, it will lose to a realistic obstacle.
When I was young, I was taught how to use the Franklin Notebook.There were many books of various system notebooks and notebooks now, but at that time, there were not so many.It is a very wonderful system pocketbook for managing life goals, dreams and daily routines.

Reference → Life changes with a notebook

When I read about it recently, it had changed a lot somehow.I feel like it's getting complicated.I still use it, but I use it the way i used it.The contents of the notebook seem to have hardly changed.

2. Choose your own path every day: the power to choose

How to spend your money and time and what you learn.It is written that this is the power to choose.
I felt the same feeling when I was taking the exam a long time ago.Let's say you have a goal of passing a university.
When i get home, will i be more likely to achieve my goal, whether I watch TV or review today?
I think it was like a story.I felt that it was the same story as this story.
When the author makes such a choice, what would he do if he was the target person?It seems to have been doing the idea.

3.Choose your friends carefully: the power of cooperation

What can you learn from your friends and exchange information?You may have some friends who are negative about your goals, but how do you choose how to get along?
To begin with, i have few friends.I have a lot of acquaintances.It says that the important thing is fresh information, which can only be obtained by exchanging information with people.I think so too.Even now that the WEB has developed, there is too much information on the contrary, "truth" has become difficult to understand.I'll try to increase the number of friends for the time being.

4. Buying new ways one after another: the power of fast learning

It says that if what you are doing now does not achieve the way you want, you have to learn new ways and change your ways.I'm an engineer, but I'm not saying that old knowledge is useless, but there's also a lot of outdated knowledge.
I thought about the story of a company that I wrote in the previous article.It's hard to change the way you do things from your success experience.As a result, it is said that it is put in a predicament.I want to find the next way faster and try to learn.

5. First payment to yourself: the power of self-control

Can you use it to make more money?
The teachings of a rich father also stated that money is used to assets and learn.

6, Pay plenty to brokers: the power of advice

There are many brokers, and there are many people who are just salesmen.It is written to pay enough compensation to people who have competent knowledge and know more than you are.It says that the important thing is to find a broker who always wants to maximize the profits of its customers.

7, Always get back: the power to get something for free

McDonald's story is once again cited as an example.It is a story to get the real estate of the place where it opens by the contract of the franchise shop.
There are a few examples, but what's easy to understand is the story of the stock.When the stock goes up, the principal is sold and the remainder is left held.It is written that this kind of thinking is also important as financial intelligence.

8, Luxury goods make assets buy: the power of focusing

It is a story when you want to waste money or luxury.I realized that it was important not to do it until i got into debt.I also learned from the teachings of the rich father that i spend money on people who make money by making assets.

9, Having a Hero: The Power of Mythology

This is to sample people who are actually realizing what they want to accomplish.Who would you be?I haven't thought much about it, but I'd like to find it.

10, The Teaching: The Power of Giving

Last time, i said that I was the most impressed "talk of the stove" is described as an example.
A man who sat down with firewood in front of the stove said, "If you warm me up, I'll give you firewood."I laughed involuntarily, but I thought it was a good story that explained briefly that I would give it first.
As a matter of fact, I felt that there were many cases where we were doing the same thing.I strongly felt that I had to change myself.

There is a book of practice until the third, but I want to make an impression to here.It is explained by giving an example how to actually do.
It is summarized that it acts without sit still, but I felt that this is all.
I don't think you can learn anything if you don't practice it even if you read a book.
I wrote this reading impression in June 2020.I thought it would be interesting if I read it back next year and wrote about how I had changed or didn't change.