Tech stock market crash, other were strong [Stock Investment]

In the second half of February, there were quite a few events such as a plunge in tech stocks and rising commodities.
Bitcoin also had a sharp rise and a sharp fall at the end of the month.
On the other hand, stocks of so-called value stocks, such as travel and transportation stocks, which had not returned to the level before Corona until now, showed a recovery trend at the end of the month. After March, I’m looking forward to seeing whether the downtrend will continue or will recover little by little.

Own trade result

Palantir Technologies (PLTR)

Xiao Pen ADR (XPEV)

RLX Technology ADR (RLX)

As I wrote in mid-February, the above tech brands are out of order. I decided not to cut the loss in anticipation of long-term holding, but it fell more than I expected. However, since it is a later festival, I will keep it as it is unless there is a special case.

Indonesian stocks

It rose a little, but ended up almost flat. At the end, it was caught by US stocks or fell, so I feel that I need to be careful in March.

SoftBank (Mobile)

Softbank is really up solid.
I own it because it keeps rising slowly while the Nikkei is rising and falling. GOOD has a good dividend yield.

Front line (FRO)

Q4 was also announced, but the landing was generally as expected by the market. In February, it dropped a little at the end of the month, but I think it’s good to go well.
The business content does not change drastically, and I hope that it will recover slowly after Corona.

Increase / decrease in own assets and summary

Comparing the yen-converted assets as of the end of January and the yen-converted assets at the end of February, it was -0.05%.
The crash of tech stocks affected the final result, but I think there were some good points.

There were stocks such as UBER that were able to make a profit at the beginning of the month

I’m glad I was able to make a profit on the tech stock little by little.

The yen is depreciating

As a result of the stock price slump this time, I think that the influence of the exchange rate is also a big reason why it remains almost the same as last month.
Two-thirds of our assets are dollar-denominated assets, so they are very much affected by the depreciation of the yen.

The most memorable event of this month was that I bought “AVINO SILVER & GOLD MINES” for a while, but I immediately lost it.
At that time, the amount of money I lost was about my monthly income.
Somehow, I didn’t notice it because I only looked at the numbers, but later I noticed and thought that it had increased.
The next goal is annual income (laughs)
I would be happy if the amount of loss cut becomes my annual income (of salary income)!
Regarding trading, there was nothing good at the end of this month. I regret having bought the tech stock at a high place.
And after all, I failed to cut the loss. I think I felt the same thing when I was at Sumitomo Corporation.
However, is it the theory to ignore this area when it comes to long-term holding?