Started Amazon Cellar Central[FBA]

My relatives are a manufacturer of pet products, so I decided to start Amazon Seller Central as a side job.
Amazon Cellar Central is a service that allows you to sell products on Amazon.
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When I first started, I found out that it was easier than I expected. The basic fee for use is 5,390 yen per month(in Japan). I began to think that it was good to try it first.
It's been about half a month since I started at the end of October, but all the first items I got were sold out. We are in stock in a hurry!

Until now, I have knowledge of SEO and SNS marketing, and I have actually done improvements and planning of e-commerce sites, etc., but it is actually the first time that I run a shop. Amazon Cellar Central has a lot of hassles when it is a net shop, but there is a service that Amazon does that part!
Because there is the above service, it is possible to operate a net shop enough even if it is a side job.

Recommended services for side jobs: Fulfillment by Amazon (FWA)

There are various tasks in the operation of the online shop. It is the following when the work is arranged at a high level.
"Inventory Management"
"Order Management"
"Packing and Shipping"
"Returns and Customer Service"
Privately doing side jobs, I would be happy if "packing and shipping" sold, but the more I sell, the more work I want to do, so I want to do something about it.
It is fulfillment by Amazon (FWA) that answers the trouble of saying so!
Specifically, it provides customer service related to order processing, shipping, delivery and return from the storage of goods!
Of course, there is a service usage fee, but it is still very helpful because it does the place where it takes the most time instead.

What should I do with FDA?

If you use fulfillment by Amazon's services, the tasks you need to do are as follows:


Deliveries to Amazon

That's it! In addition, you have to do financial management by yourself, but if you only have the above, you can work in less than an hour a day.

In addition to the above, you need to register the products you handle.
The products I deal with are the following products.
Panazoo Paw Care Cream 60ml

If the product already exists on Amazon, just deliver the stock to the product.
If you don't like the product description, you can suggest a change.
If there is no product you want to sell, you will need to register the product.

I actually tried it and found out that this was a really great service.
Because it can concentrate only on the production of goods, time can be utilized well, and it can be operated without hiring packing personnel.

Disadvantages of Amazon Cellar Central

I've only written about the merits so long, but there are disadvantages.
Anyone can easily sell the product, so there will be a price competition within the product.
I feel that it is good to find and stock niche products as much as possible.

Using the system is a bit complicated until you get used to it.
However, there are "Amazon Exhibition University" and "Participant Community", so it is good to be able to solve questions immediately.
At first, I didn't know if it would sell or not, but I thought it would be quite so if I could raise awareness by continuing to produce products on the Internet.

By the way, I created a landing page of the product that I exhibited this time.
Pet foot problems: the role of paws and how to care

We would like to increase the number of products a little from now on.