Thoughts after reading — Part 1[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

I wonder if the first time I read a book about "Rich Dad Poor Dad" was about 20 years ago.
When I think about it, I feel very old, and I feel nostalgic when I was in my 20s at the time.
There was a "rich dad poor dad" which was different from what I had in the house, so I decided to read it back.

Even if I read the same book, I thought that the way i feel much changes depending on my age and background.
I think that there is a way to feel different even if I read the same book perhaps, and I thought that i might learn that it is not related at all, and thought that I would write the impression sentence etc. from the main contents.

I feel that the most important thing in the first preface is mentioned.

The thoughts make a person's life.

I think that's exactly right.After all, whatever you do, it's only the result of your actions.

The first teaching, the rich, does not work for money.

It starts with a story that works every Saturday for 10 cents an hour, and I thought this story was a very good metaphor.
More or less, I think most people, including myself, are in the same situation as Robert's experience as he did as a boy.
In order to get out of that situation, i changed jobs to a good salary, or i was working while complaining.
However, this book teaches me that this should not be the case.

When I'm haunted by my life

Before we start talking about money, they will tell us how to look at things and how to think.
I interpret "when i'm stuck in my life" when something goes wrong with my life.
It tells us how to act at that time and how it is important to think about it.
Three patterns are cited as an example.

  • a person who does nothing
    A person who will continue to do only what is safe for the rest of his life, or who is afraid to take risks.
  • a person who blames a problem on others
    someone who blames work or boss, or tries to change someone else, not yourself
  • a person who learns a lesson from life and goes on
    A person who wants to change himself, someone who wants to learn something and bewise wiser.

Of course, the important thing is to learn lessons from life and move on.
He says it's easier to change yourself than try to change others.

Cause your fear, and desire

Why do we work for money without learning how to make money work?
The reason is said to be fear.
Specifically, you run out of money, you fail when you start over, you get fired, and so on.
It is written that it is not solved whether the problem of the previous life and money is solved by changing jobs to a good job or a raise for example.Why?
The root reason is my fear.

And desire is also.It says that he will continue to race rat by leaving it to the feeling that "if i have more money."
Rat racing is a series of "morning morning sit-ups," "work," and "pay."
It is said that you do not look at your true feelings and think about them, but only react by fear and desire.

"I'll make money by working in the hope that one day fear will disappear, but i'll still do my job and make money because fear doesn't go away."

I'm also writing my impressions, it's a rat race.I'm a regular office worker.
When I was young, I thought that would not happen, but I'm really addicted to it.

Control your mind and emotions to be good for yourself

It is written to become a person who observes it and thinks not only reacts to feelings such as fear and desire.
It is necessary to understand that emotions are dominating your actions and thoughts, and then think about them.It is quite deep.It is said that it is not possible to change the habit suddenly up to now, and it is not possible to think consciously to think as described above.

Ignorance increases emotions and desires.

"Most people spend their lives looking for high salaries, raises and stable jobs with little idea where fear or desire is going to take them."
It's a summary of emotions.
The illusion that this fear and desire can be solved if there is money, in fact, money is not solved.
It's written as a trap that falls when you're just reacting to emotions without thinking about the root cause.
It is written that "knowledge of money is necessary" to control the fear and desire.
This is my own personal opinion, but I thought that it suddenly became a story of money as a preface to explain the purpose of the book.
However, i am convinced of the contents.I don't think it's a waste to learn about money.
of this first teaching

Rich people don't work for money.

I think the last story of this chapter is that children start their own businesses.
I think it's important to think about how to use your head to make money work, but I felt that this is a chapter that focuses on controlling emotions.
There are a lot of example sentences, so please come and translate the originalPlease read.

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