How to vue-router open a link in a new tab?[VUE.JS]

This is the method when you have to display it in a new tab in the environment where Vue.js is used.
However, it is easy because it is an implementation that uses JavaScript normally.
The Web API used is as follows.

I will explain how to use it.

Basic usage (Vue.js only OK, no Router)

// html
<button type="button" @click="linkToOtherWindow('LINK URL')">Link to new Tab</button>

// script
export default {
  methods: {
    linkToOtherWindow (url) {, '_blank')

Simply pass url to
Since we are just opening it with _blank to begin with, I think the only time we need to implement it is when we need to call a method.

How to open in a new window using Vue Router

If you open it in a new window through Vue Router, it will take some time.
Use router.resolve to resolve the URL in advance.
You can also pass data with query or params .
The generated URL can be obtained using resolvedRoute.href.

// For profile page routing settings
const Profile= {
    template: '<div>Profile No.{{ $ }}</div>'
const router = new VueRouter({
  routes: [
    { path: '/profile/:id',name='profilePage', component: Profile}

// script Pass the resolved url to
export default {
  methods: {
    linkToOtherWindow() {
      let resolvedRoute = this.$router.resolve({
        name: profilePage,
        params: {id: "someData"}
      });, '_blank');

Maybe it can be used from Vue 3

<router-link :to="{ name: 'profilePage'}" target="_blank">

It seems that the above writing method can be done from Vue3.
How to write method, this time I tried ES6. It may get caught if it is LINTed with ES5 etc.
However, I personally think that ES6 is good enough.