[Twig] How to get the current URL etc. & generate the path

This time it’s Twig, but it’s about Symfony’s Twig extension.
Among them, this time I would like to introduce how to get the route path and how to make it.

Official:Twig Extensions Defined by Symfony

Get route names and parameters in Twig

A Symfony extension that allows you to use a variable called app as a global variable.
Information such as routes is also stored in the app.

Get the route name

For example, suppose you have the following route setting page. (Hereafter, this page setting will be used)

// Sample Root (Controller)
     * test product page.
     * @Route(
     *      "/product/{id}/{type}",
     *      name="product_main", methods={"GET"},
     *      defaults={"type" = 1}
     * )

The method to get the route name and parameters is as follows.

// Global Variables
// Route Name

// dump Variables

// Route Params

// dump Variables
array:2 [
  "id" => 13,
  "type" => 1

Generate path with Twig

How to use path in Symfony’s Twig Extensions.

// Basic relative URL

// Basic absolute URL

Basically, as mentioned above, you can generate relative URL / absolute URL from the root name. You can also generate a URL with parameters like this sample product_main. The parameter must be set if default is not set.

// product_main page sample
// current page
path(app.request.attributes.get('_route'), { 'id': app.request.attributes.get('_route_params').id})

// other id
path(app.request.attributes.get('_route'), { 'id': 11})

When specifying multiple parameters.

path(app.request.attributes.get('_route'), { 'id': 11, 'type': 2})

It’s easy, but it was an introduction to how to get the current route information and generate a URL.