Slump in tech stocks, strong energy-related [Stock Investment]

Half of February is already over.
This month, the soaring prices of Bitcoin-related stocks are amazing.
I missed the train. Sorry.
All the stocks I bought this month are out of order. Mid-February I would like to comment on the slumping stocks in what is called a bubble.

Bad stocks in mid-February

Palantir Technologies(PLTR)

Technology is currently down overall, but Palantír has a poor outlook after the settlement, and I think it is directly linked to the stock price.
For me, isn’t it buying now in the long term? I think. I will be patient with it until the end of March.


It’s an EV maker. This is also continuing the downtrend. Will the stock price return in the long run?
If I have another stock I want to buy, I will sell it, but be patient.

RLX technology ADR(RLX)

It’s an electronic cigarette maker. This is higher than the price I bought, but it seems that there is no major factor for the stock price to rise now.

Wait for a while for all three. I’m going to survive in March and April with the feeling of “not moving, like a mountain”.
Although it is said to be a bubble, the stocks held are not growing, and the lawn next door is blue and it is painful.

Strong stocks in mid-February


Somehow, it is a brand I bought for dividends. This stock, which is shipping, is also doing well, probably because the price of crude oil is rising. Anyway, I thought I’d hold it until I got a dividend, so I’m glad that the stock price went up.