Penny shares held rise at the beginning of the month[Stock Investment]

Since the beginning of the year, the stock price has been rising overall and the price of my stock has been rising.
Indonesian mining stocks have also begun to rise gradually.
Although it is rising, there are some stocks that I would like to make profits little by little.
It’s also the beginning of the year, so I’ll try to sort out the shares I own.

Achieved 100% stock price increase with penny stocks

I have some goals within myself, and I was able to achieve one of them.
It might be a good idea to make a lot of them, like the trophy of the Sony PlayStation game.
It seems to lead to my motivation.

Penny shares bought with dividends at the end of last year have risen by more than 100% this year.
The brands I bought last year are as follows.

Advaxis (ADXS)

It has been up and down since the end of last year, but it has risen further this month.
Sold half of the shares held. However, I didn’t buy a lot because I bought it as a trial with dividends, but I’m honestly happy.

Stocks bought at the beginning of the month

AMC Entertainment HD A (AMC)

It is a brand that was introduced when I was watching a day trading program on YouTube.
Earlier this week, I was looking at the watch list and it was cheap so I bought it.
I bought it with the momentum of “cheap” and “buy” without thinking too much about charts.
I think the stock price will recover if the corona settles down.

Currently owned stocks

Also owns Indonesian mining stocks.
I tried to get a mine stock in Indonesia.[Stock Investment]

Indonesian stocks are interesting. I searched for various things from that point on, but it seems that there are other interesting stocks besides mines.
But instead of owning commodities in kind, I still want related stocks.

Uber Technologies (UBER)

The stock price is also rising here. Only half of the shares held were sold with profit taking.

Palantir Technologies (PLTR)

I was in good shape at the end of the year, but has it been flat for some time? I would like to sell half of this if the stock price rises a little more.


It went up all at once, but now it’s calm. The price of silver has also fallen a little, and will this also fall?
However, it is a stock that you want to hold for a little longer.

Softbank (9434)

Although it is rising and falling, stock prices are recovering in the medium term. I wanted to hold such stocks in the NISA frame.