Is the referral fee payment period surprisingly long?[Amazon Associates]

There are various affiliate companies, but I think the easiest is amazon associates. You can create affiliate links for all of the products you work with on Amazon.

Amazon's assortment is hundreds of millions! I think that it is a great advantage to be able to make affiliate links for those products.
On the other hand, the price per conversion is absolutely cheap. Most are less than 5% of the unit price.

I was looking at the management screen today, and among the products sold on Amazon from my site, there was an interesting product!

Boundless Voyage Titanium Plate

Involuntarily what is this? I thought (laughs). Come to think of it, I remembered above that there is another important benefit of using Amazon Associates.

You have 24 hours to click on the affiliate link!

If visitor clicks on an Amazon Associate's affiliate link and then clicks on it within 24 hours of shopping on Amazon, it counts as your referral. This is a huge benefit.
Moreover, even if he just add it to your shopping cart and buy it later, you can still treat it as your referral unless the cart for that item has expired!

Amazon Associates are cheaper, but I think they offer you the opportunity to get more referral fees.
It is a nice specification for beginners, as well as advanced people who can aim for high-priced affiliates.

Cases that expire without waiting 24 hours

Your right to an affiliate referral fee is no longer under the following conditions:
24 hours have passed
The user clicks on a link from another Amazon associate
The user resets the browser's cookies
If you're familiar with the internet, you've heard about cookies. In a brief way, the user's information is stored in the browser. Cookies may be cleared by clearing the browser cache.

However, I feel that Amazon associates are easy to get referral fees.
Recommended for affiliate beginners.