Thoughts after reading – The book of practice : Part 2[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

The author writes that everyone has a talent for money.So how does money-related talent actually show?Ninety percent of people work hard to make money, borrow if they don't have enough money.It seems to have such an idea.
Here are ten steps for the author to show talent.

Ten steps to get you started

1, With a strong sense of purpose: the power of the spirit

Clarify what you don't want to do and what you want to do.It is written that that it becomes a reason to want to become rich.
If this "reason" is not clear, it will lose to a realistic obstacle.
When I was young, I was taught how to use the Franklin Notebook.There were many books of various system notebooks and notebooks now, but at that time, there were not so many.It is a very wonderful system pocketbook for managing life goals, dreams and daily routines.

Reference → Life changes with a notebook

When I read about it recently, it had changed a lot somehow.I feel like it's getting complicated.I still use it, but I use it the way i used it.The contents of the notebook seem to have hardly changed.

2. Choose your own path every day: the power to choose

How to spend your money and time and what you learn.It is written that this is the power to choose.
I felt the same feeling when I was taking the exam a long time ago.Let's say you have a goal of passing a university.
When i get home, will i be more likely to achieve my goal, whether I watch TV or review today?
I think it was like a story.I felt that it was the same story as this story.
When the author makes such a choice, what would he do if he was the target person?It seems to have been doing the idea.

3.Choose your friends carefully: the power of cooperation

What can you learn from your friends and exchange information?You may have some friends who are negative about your goals, but how do you choose how to get along?
To begin with, i have few friends.I have a lot of acquaintances.It says that the important thing is fresh information, which can only be obtained by exchanging information with people.I think so too.Even now that the WEB has developed, there is too much information on the contrary, "truth" has become difficult to understand.I'll try to increase the number of friends for the time being.

4. Buying new ways one after another: the power of fast learning

It says that if what you are doing now does not achieve the way you want, you have to learn new ways and change your ways.I'm an engineer, but I'm not saying that old knowledge is useless, but there's also a lot of outdated knowledge.
I thought about the story of a company that I wrote in the previous article.It's hard to change the way you do things from your success experience.As a result, it is said that it is put in a predicament.I want to find the next way faster and try to learn.

5. First payment to yourself: the power of self-control

Can you use it to make more money?
The teachings of a rich father also stated that money is used to assets and learn.

6, Pay plenty to brokers: the power of advice

There are many brokers, and there are many people who are just salesmen.It is written to pay enough compensation to people who have competent knowledge and know more than you are.It says that the important thing is to find a broker who always wants to maximize the profits of its customers.

7, Always get back: the power to get something for free

McDonald's story is once again cited as an example.It is a story to get the real estate of the place where it opens by the contract of the franchise shop.
There are a few examples, but what's easy to understand is the story of the stock.When the stock goes up, the principal is sold and the remainder is left held.It is written that this kind of thinking is also important as financial intelligence.

8, Luxury goods make assets buy: the power of focusing

It is a story when you want to waste money or luxury.I realized that it was important not to do it until i got into debt.I also learned from the teachings of the rich father that i spend money on people who make money by making assets.

9, Having a Hero: The Power of Mythology

This is to sample people who are actually realizing what they want to accomplish.Who would you be?I haven't thought much about it, but I'd like to find it.

10, The Teaching: The Power of Giving

Last time, i said that I was the most impressed "talk of the stove" is described as an example.
A man who sat down with firewood in front of the stove said, "If you warm me up, I'll give you firewood."I laughed involuntarily, but I thought it was a good story that explained briefly that I would give it first.
As a matter of fact, I felt that there were many cases where we were doing the same thing.I strongly felt that I had to change myself.

There is a book of practice until the third, but I want to make an impression to here.It is explained by giving an example how to actually do.
It is summarized that it acts without sit still, but I felt that this is all.
I don't think you can learn anything if you don't practice it even if you read a book.
I wrote this reading impression in June 2020.I thought it would be interesting if I read it back next year and wrote about how I had changed or didn't change.

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