Thoughts after reading – The book of practice : Part 1[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

I've written my impressions of the six teachings of a rich father.The main purpose is to write for confirmation of my input.This time it's a book of practice.This is explained with examples of friends, how they actually did it.The most impressive part of the book of practice was the story of putting firewood in the fireplace.The importance of giving, which was introduced at the last minute, is an easy-to-understand example.I'll show you later, but if you haven't read it yet, we recommend that you read this book.

Let's get over five obstacles first.

The first obstacle: fear of losing money

This makes it impossible to act out of fear of "losing" or "failing."And I understood.It is also written that the important thing is to learn from failure and to spring failure.Most of my attempts from my youth to my early 30s have failed.But I think I had the opportunity to learn a lot of things.Since then, I'm getting older again, but I feel that the older I get, the greater my fear.
I also make progress in my books to fail when I was young.I do not know what edge, but I will act hard again by calling this revised version that was placed in the house by chance.And we recommend that you focus on one point rather than a balanced safety measure.It is written that it takes time though it is not a reason to deny the safety measure.I think that's actually true.It is also not uncommon to lose heavily in mutual funds that you thought were safe.An acquaintance of mine turned my savings into an investment trust recommended by a banker, but it collapsed and her assets became one-third.I think there is always some risk, just as there are risks in working for a company.Therefore, I feel sympathy for the idea of winning by concentrating on one point of the author.

The second obstacle: to be timid to think only of the bad

This was an example story that i think that the person who had done business might have the experience.After the customer signs up the product, the people around him point out their shortcomings and weaknesses and reconsider them.It is a story of such a case.It is also mentioned that after buying, you can only imagine bad things and increase your anxiety.
After all, there is no reason for people around me to have knowledge, and I feel that fear scares like the above is born because I don't have enough knowledge.What I have never experienced is that even if I travel abroad as a regular country, i.e. the first country is exciting.I like to go to countries and Asia near Japan, but i was often worried about safety.I think the reaction of people around us about investment is the same feeling as that.

"Cowards criticize, and those who win analyze."

It is written as analysis, but I still feel that learning and thinking is very important from what I have said so far.

Third obstacle: lazy for the reason of being busy

This is said to leave it just because you are busy, even though there are problems that you have to face, such as economic problems.Well, i don't know, but it's not solved if you don't face the problem.
It is written that it is necessary to be greedy to deal with the lazy mind.I think it's like you've done what you want to do and what you want to be motivated.There might be a lot of people who do not have a too good image to want.If someone around you, such as family or friends, has a negative feeling about greed, you can feel even more guilty.

Fourth obstacle: bad habit of making payments to yourself behind

This is how to use money.Paying yourself is an investment in your assets and learning.It says that most people don't spend money on this, spend it on other things, and don't pay for themselves after all.
This is true of me, too.It is better to invest in learning, but the asset is 0.I need to change my habits.

Fifth obstacle: become arrogant to hide ignorance

I received that it was important not to know when something I didn't know came out.It is important to find an expert, read a book, and learn about things you don't know.

I've been thinking about five obstacles so far, but I felt that if I actually work normally, I'm stuck with all the obstacles like the one above.I think that I will change it from the action when thinking again.

Thoughts after reading — Part 1[Rich Dad Poor Dad]