Thoughts after reading — Part 6[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

The sixth teaching is the importance of learning.It begins with the story of a female writer who wants to become a best-selling writer.Female writers have a talent for writing, but they have a problem with not selling.On the other hand, the author proceeds to learn sales.It is a development that the female writer does not have the ear to hear.
It is the one that it is common in the drama of Japan.He's a good cook, but the shop doesn't seem to be popular.Female writers show fierce resistance to learning sales.There might actually be a lot of people like this.

The sixth teachings : Work to learn, not for money

In this book, we are working on "learning broadly and shallowly".He talks about the author's work experience and writes about what he was working on for the purpose of learning.It says that it is important not to "how much you can get, but what you can learn".I think that's true.My career experience is a lot of job change, and i have various positions in various industries and occupations.I'm an engineer now, but I've also done sales and marketing that have nothing to do with IT.There is certainly a lot of knowledge to learn through work.
As a result, I would like to look at myself, which has become widely shallow, from the perspective of finding a job.It is true that as written in this book, "working for a company" seems to come in handy experts in certain fields.

"Where do you end up doing what you're doing every day?」

This is the phrase that impressed me the most in this chapter.As advice for people who want to make more money, the author says:
"Money and peace of mind are certainly important.But if you want to make money, you can't just work for money and security.I encourage you to do something else to learn new skills."
As is the case with the writers at the beginning, there may be many people who only want to learn what they are interested in.As I mentioned before, I'm also not able to work on new things.That's something we need to improve.

The basics are communication skills.

It is said that sales and marketing are important in technology.At the heart of this is communication skills.What about yourself?I've done sales, but i didn't get very good at sales talk, but I became good at communication.Looking back now, I think there was a network of people i can't think of now when I was working for free.At the NPO event, there was a network of people who could experience flying hawks from the roof of Dentsu and not being able to do it easily.
After i stopped having my own business, I didn't get along with people at all, and my connections have been lost.From now on, I want to build a network of contacts again.
I have an idea that I can sympathize with the last thing i have said.

"Give first, then get it"

There is no logical explanation here, but from my experience, I felt that the above was a very important way of thinking.Recently, i wonder if it can be used to be expressed in words such as input or output.

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