Thoughts after reading — Part 5[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

This is the fifth teaching that begins with the story that courage is important.The story proceeds with various examples.There are many experiences of the author's own in this chapter, too.The 45-year-old factory manager is quite intrigued by the dismissal.It's a news story that complains that it's unfair to the company.
Starting a business is also a risk, and if a company worker, which the majority of people consider safe, eventually fails, it is not a no-risk of safety and stability.It makes me feel that.

Fifth Teaching: Rich people make money

When the author teaches a lot of people, he notices some commonalities.

that everyone has a great talent within

Why is it not demonstrated?
It concludes that it is a lack of confidence.I certainly think so too.There is also the "fear" described in the first chapter.In my case, I had been trying new things since i was aware of it.It's not a drama i've ever seen on Amazon Prime, but i've seen only works i've seen in the past.
He writes that most of the cases are more courageous than smart people.

In the text, the author actually talks about how he got the money in real estate buying and selling.It is a story that it was possible to do this even if there is no money in oneself.It is written that the following is important in this book though it might not be impossible even if I am actually told to do the same thing.

More choices

There are a lot of people who are worried about an economic predicament now because it sticks to an old way of thinking.He is a person who cannot forget the memory of the good times of the past.I often hear this kind of talk recently.I'm talking about Japanese companies, but because of past success experiences, so stick to the way that way, new things, can not start the method, it is a topic that has fallen into doubt business performance.
He gave the example of a cash flow game and wrote that it is important to have a lot of options for different situations.
"When you have a problem with money, you come up with a variety of options as a solution."
A person who understands numbers and can think creatively about money.

On the other hand, even if there was a lot of money, the auther wrote that there are many people who cannot come to the idea above and cannot achieve success.
It might actually be so.Looking back at me, I've only had a small money, but spending money doesn't have much choice.I felt that the options here were very limited.

Financial Intelligence, which was mentioned in the previous chapter, is important in expanding the above options.
It is written that the idea of the above choices swells by enhancing financial intelligence.

Money doesn't really exist.

I think the meaning of this is very deep.In the text, it is written that "this is money and everyone decides", but this idea is very important.
An example of this idea is told as an author's experience, but it is indeed impressive.It is an example of how to trade from the place where there is no money.This makes us understand what money means that it doesn't actually exist.
When I read it a long time ago, I couldn't think deeply about it.
Again, financial intelligence is still important.

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The rich make money.

By enhancing financial intelligence, we have given examples of the various investments that can be made.It says that there are two main types of investors.
The first is those who buy packaged investments.It is people who like to buy the mutual fund or such a thing.
The second is the people who make their own investments.The people who are called professional investors are these second people.
So what kind of investor sI write with the person who has the following abilities.

  • the ability to find opportunities that others overlook
  • the ability to raise funds
  • the ability to gather and organize smart people

Here, the basis is financial intelligence.I felt that most of what was said to be necessary in this chapter was not provided to me.It seems to be a long way to go.

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