Thoughts after reading — Part 4[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

This time it's a story about tax savings.It is a brief statement of how the American tax law was enacted.What about Japan?Is it just imitating the United States, or does it have its own history?I'm a little interested. I thought it was a fine amount to calculate the amount that is actually paid.Is income tax and consumption tax the main tax we pay?If you have a home, it might be a property tax.It is not to learn if you read this book, but by learning the tax law, i'll save taxes well.

Fourth Teaching: Creating a Company to Save Taxes

What I found interesting was the story of the Great Voyage.
The idea is to create a company in order to sail and hedge risk by giving money to the company.
Even if the voyage fails, it is a dimension that only the amount paid to the company is lost.I think this explains briefly how the current corporation works.
The company in the world is going bankrupt repeatedly every year.Considering that there are investors who still invest in the company, I think that corporations are considering the risks of investing.By the way, the number of bankruptcies of the company in 2019 (more than 10 million yen in total liabilities) was 8,383.
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Considering the above, people who are investing with money are doing the same thing from the days of the great voyage.It is not possible to have the mechanism which leads to the next generation of the company.I think the details have changed.

Financial Intelligence

It's also called financial IQ.It seems to be based on the following four knowledge.

  • Accounting ability … can be understood by reading financial statements
  • Investment power… strategy, methods and creativity
  • Market Understanding… Basic, Economic and Artificial Aspects of Investment
  • Legal power… helps to significantly increase assets

I've put supplements very mixed up, but the details are mentioned in this book, and these knowledge is important.I have only a little knowledge of accounting, and I thought the rest was refreshing.Even if it is said investment power, i have no idea what to do.Is the understanding of the market like a way to make fresh information and how to use it?
To me, the source of information is about the net.I don't know much about it as you can say that the legal power is also completely.This seems to be a long way ahead.

As a final summary, they raise the benefits of having a company.

Favorable tax measures

Protect yourself from litigation

It is a feeling that it is not in the United States to protect oneself from the lawsuit, but Japan might become like the United States in the near future.

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