Thoughts after reading — Part 3[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

The next third teaching is something that i can't quite overcome.Still, I feel strongly when I read this book that I have to develop it myself.

The Third Teaching: Having Your Own Business

In the book, various specific examples are mentioned, the anecdote of the mcdonald's manager at the beginning is quite.The founder Ray asked, "What do you think my business is?I'd like to ask you a question.Of course, the answer is not the owner of the food and beverage industry.
This topic begins with the story. Then explain “what is business”.

The modern education system is simply described as "an education for good grades and stable work."Well, I think it's different for each person to think about it, but i get the same impression of the way japanese education should be.
I write that there are people who give me my current job when I think about business, but there are people who take these words.
It is the story of "Bank man" that is going up as an example.I write that the job that someone employs as a profession is not a business.That's right.

a business that generates income even if you are not there

The business you have to have is as the headline.The president at this time I thought by chance.I think there are many presidents, but you can't say that you're hired and you have your own business.The rest is a business that can't be done unless you're in the front.
In the company, it is a place of shareholders.

Real Assets

  • a business that generates income even if you are not there
  • Share
  • Claims
  • Real Estate Generating Income
  • Bills and Bills
  • Copyright and patent rights for music, books, etc.
  • Other items of value, income generated, items with market value, etc.

So is it good to start a company?I don't recommend starting a company in a rich father.
It says that it is not recommended by anyone in the management of the company because of the hardship.I think that there is a spark like the only solution to starting a company by yourself because you can't find a job.However, it is written that it is a fall that it collapses at once at the time of such a case.
It's not about starting a company with your own business.Somehow, when I first read, I might have misunderstood the part here.I read it, but it didn't understand.

So what dose this book mean you have your own business?

is really meant to increase the asset and keep it

I strongly encourage people who work for companies like me to store their assets while working today.I read it about 20 years ago.Now the assets I have are almost zero.From now on, I wanted to build assets firmly.
If you have extra money, don't give it a luxury, but turn it into an asset.

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