Thoughts after reading — Part 2[Rich Dad Poor Dad]

At the beginning of the second lesson, the story of the rich in the 1920s comes out.Looking at their history over time, the end of their life was never bright.I don't know if they really didn't have the knowledge to be told in this book, or if they had an idea like financial literacy, but that resulted.It's a bit of a quaint episode.If I have a chance, let's find out about each individual.

Second Teaching: Learn how to read the flow of money

I have a long career as a sole proprietor, so I can book simple.So the story of this chapter came into my head smoothly.Based on the income statement and balance sheet, they explain what assets are and what liabilities are.
The idea of this book is very convincing.The reason why money cannot be afforded at all is explained even though the salary has gone up by the middle class (which receives money from the company).I come to the conclusion that the lack of financial literacy is the cause.

Assets and liabilities are summarized briefly in this book.

My assets put money in my pocket.

Debt takes money out of my pocket

To illustrate the above, buying a home is an example.I would like you to read the book because it is interesting in this chapter, but in conclusion, "buy a house" is roughly "debt".When I read it when I was young, I didn't really get much of meaning, but when I think about it now, it's simple, but it's a very important idea.

There may be a family that can be an asset, but the middle class here are supposed to take out loans and buy.So, if you look at the balance sheet and income statement again, surely the owner is only generating spending.

If you think about what you're going to spend your money on, it's best to use money to build up your assets.

It's my own story, but I don't know if this is good or bad, but I'm doing it like this.
Deposit 10% of my income in monthly.
Investing 10% of my income in monthly.
Do some people need a deposit?It is said that if i can't afford money because of my character, I'll deposit it because I'm no longer restless.Maybe it's because we're driven by the fear of what we're going to say in first teaching.I think it's a plus in my opinion.

The rich buy assets.

What if the income generated by the assets on the balance sheet outweighs the expenses that the debt generates?
For the first time, you have the money to live without a job, right?

Middle-class people buy debt because they think it's an asset.

No, there seem to be a lot of cases which are like this when thinking about the household budget really.But what assets do we, who are not rich now, have?
In the book has gone up as an asset and copyright income, but I feel like it is not something that can be obtained overnight.However, I think that it is important to think and to set up the antenna.
The rest is "stocks", isn't it?The holding becomes an asset, and the dividend becomes the income.It seems to be doing the real estate management recently.There are many people who have succeeded and failed.
Now it seems good to think as an asset or advertising revenue or billing price in the app development or so.
I'm going to do my best to make something.

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