Display the variable array of smarty templates

When I entered the game making site of the smartphone, I knew only html, css, and javascript.
It was a game in Mobage, where php codeigniter was adopted as a framework, smarty was used as a template engine.

I was new to smarty, so i was working with engineers at first.
I would like to briefly introduce what I'm using about smarty this time.

Find out the value of a variable array that spans a template

A way to determine if a variable is coming back to the template file.


In the example abovearena_rank the variable is displayed in the location described in the template.
It is a var_dump familiar with php.
It seems to put the following when it is smarty.How to display is a little different.


The purpose of surrounding it by div is to make it easy to see in the browser when it is displayed.It doesn't have to be separate.

Smarty's standard features make the template


And to display the list of variables in a separate window.

I often use the basic three.
The function to display in a separate window seems to be able to display it at all times by the setting of PHP side.
Please refer to the following for details.
How to always view the debugging console 

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